Why The Secret doesn't work? There are many people who, after reading the book of The Secret or watching the documentary, believed that the secret was based on simply thinking positively to achieve what they wanted.

Positive thinking books started popping up everywhere, and every time someone felt bad and said it out loud, the one who had read The Secret would say: watch out, your thoughts create your reality!.

If only everything were that simple.

Because if it were that simple, right now you would have the life you want so much and you wouldn't be here reading me, hehe… with all my love, eh? 🙂

What is The Secret and why it does not work

The Secret was a book created by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 that popularized the law of attraction and the philosophy of positive thinking.

This book, turned into a documentary, is based on the universal law that expands where you put the focus, and that therefore if your attention is continuously put on the problems you will only attract more problems, but if you put it on what you want, with perseverance you will attract it to you and it will become real.

From here on, the whole book and documentary is based on people who by applying The Secret have managed to manifest financial abundance in their lives, thanks to thinking positive and using the law of attraction in their favor.

However, this is not true. The reason? I'll tell you about it below.

Reason ONE why The Secret doesn't work

Because positive thinking relies on the conscious information that I emit to the quantum field, but it doesn't take into account everything in the unconscious.

In other words, reality is not created only with the conscious mind, but with the unconscious mind. And this is 95% of the total.

Let's look at a practical example:

Maybe you want to manifest a business with a 6-figure annual turnover. Totally feasible… and I bet my shirt that if I tell you that tomorrow you have 100,000 euros more in the bank, your conscious mind says yes.

Why then don't you have it?

Because surely your unconscious mind interferes so that you don't have them. And you will ask yourself, but how is this possible?.

For a thousand reasons.

It may be because of unconscious family loyalties, because deep down in your heart you don't want to be more than mom and dad.

It may be because you are unconsciously afraid of losing your circle of friends, that they no longer love you because now you win lots of money….

It may be because you unconsciously feel that having so much money carries a great responsibility and deep down you want to live an unburdened life.

The conscious mind says “yes, I do!”, the unconscious mind says “nooo!!!!”. And until conscious mind and unconscious mind agree, the reality will always be no.

You can only manifest what your conscious and unconscious mind agree on.

Reason TWO why The Secret doesn't work

The second reason why The Secret doesn't work is because it starts from a totally individualistic model, where the individual human being is omnipotent. And this is not so.

We are interconnected beings, influencing each other continuously.

Your environment affects you much more than you think… not to mention all the information you perceive from the Collective Unconscious without even knowing it.

Going back to our example of turning over €100,000 with your business. Let's say you have finally gotten your unconscious mind to agree with your conscious mind to manifest abundance.

According to The Secret, you should now be swimming in a pool of gold, right?

Well, you might be… and you might not.

Why not? Because if you have finally convinced your unconscious mind of what you want, but your whole environment feeds scarcity, it will be very difficult for you to keep the focus on manifesting abundance.

Let me make it easy for you with another example. Imagine you want to lose weight, and both your conscious and unconscious minds agree to lose weight.

If your environment continues to eat like you did before, won't it be difficult for you to maintain your motivation to eat healthy and lose weight?

Yes, you can still achieve it, but it will cost you 10 times more than if your environment favors a healthy lifestyle and all the information you consume throughout the day boosts health and wellness habits, right?

Well this is with anything you want to manifest. And that's why, once again, The Secret doesn't work because it doesn't tell you the truth, at least not the whole truth.

Reason THREE why The Secret doesn't work

The Secret is based on ego and its dictates. A bigger car, a bigger house and, if possible, a bigger checking account with lots of zeros to the right.

But the problem is that if what you want to manifest goes against what your soul wants, everything will be obstacles and it will not work.

Your Self rules over your ego, so the ego can insist that it wants to do zeta, if your soul wants to do jack, nothing you do to manifest zeta will work. I speak from experience!

So before you ask yourself what your ego wants, ask yourself what your Self wants with this question:

What makes my heart expand?

If what your ego wants to manifest is different from this answer, you better change your objective or you will waste time, money and energy.

What do we do then? Here the solution ❤

The first thing you have to understand, is that positive thinking alone is never enough. And that the way is not to sweep the dirty laundry under the rug to keep it out of sight.

If you have a garden full of weeds, no matter how much you look at it thinking that everything is positive, and that your plants are beautiful, the only real reality on the physical plane is that when you don't remove the weeds, soon there will be no room for anything else.

The solution is to prune the weed, see what makes it grow back, put solutions in place, and from here and only from here, plant those beautiful plants you bought.

Same with your mind.

The first thing you have to see is what is in your unconscious that hinders manifesting what you want, without feeling guilty. Remember that you would not consciously choose it that way.

Once you identify your internal obstacles (the weeds in the example), the next thing to do is to remove them. And that is not done with positive thinking, it is done by integrating your shadow. The path to Light and abundance is not always one of smiles. And this is a clear example.

When you have already integrated your shadow, and conscious and unconscious are in agreement on what you want to manifest, the next step is to secure an environment that enhances what you want to achieve.

Once you have your unconscious mind in your favor and an environment that supports you, now is the time to put your focus on what you want to manifest. But don't stop at just putting the focus, you have to take action!

On your couch at home you will hardly be able to create a business that makes a good turnover transforming lives. You need to move to make it happen, moving forward with determination, without being defeated by the first obstacle that appears.

In a nutshell….

The real secret to manifest the life you want is not to naively believe what The Secret tells you, but to make your conscious and unconscious mind and environment align with what your Self wants to manifest.

It is to listen to the heart, to what makes you feel that you vibrate high and expand.

It is to identify what holds you back and prevents you from moving forward.

It is to renounce to paint everything in pink, when in reality it is dark gray.

It is to face your shadows, making the unconscious conscious.

It is to change your environment, so that it brings you closer to the goal you want to achieve.

In short: it is to become the person who achieves what you want to achieve, before achieving it.

Your opinion matters!

And you, what do you think of The Secret? What is your experience manifesting what you want so much?

Leave a comment, I'd love to know more about you. 💛