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Guided Meditation

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I am Sandra Guerrero, Messenger of Light 🦋✨


It is my mission to help men and women to rise in Consciousness and receive the Messages of Light, and manifest their Infinite Potential.

I lived through over 30 years of loss and trauma that brought me to the brink of the abyss. When I felt broken, the Angels of Light came to my rescue and showed me not only the way to leave decades of suffering behind, but also that they were going to elevate me to the Higher Planes of Consciousness.

Do you want to vibrate high and manifest an enlightened reality?

Join now for FREE to my Warriors of Light Community and get my guided meditation as a gift to listen to the voice of your soul.

My guided meditation to listen to the voice of your soul.

Manifesto of the Warriors of Light


We honor our ancestors

We integrate the trauma of the past

We rise in Consciousness

We live in a state of Presence

We trust in Divine Help

We receive the Messages of Light

We expand True Love

We are one with Oneness

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