It's time to break free from the chains of your past.

I am Sandra, Messenger of Light and it is my mission to help you free yourself from suffering, raise you in Consciousness and connect with your Guides to live your Infinite Potential.

I accompany you to integrate the trauma of your past and live from the State of Presence. You are a Being of Light, with a very important life mission. The world is waiting for you!

Many men and women get lost along the way…

We Warriors of Light incarnate in environments where a lack of love and emotional safety are the norm, not the exception. 

This causes many Light Beings to forget Who They Really Are, and end up identifying with the voice of the mind, a voice that only judges and criticizes.

You truly are Light and Love. 

It's time to leave the ego sitting on the couch and start living from the Presence of Self. 

You deserve to live abundance on every level.

You can expand your LIGHT!


Let go

Because now you can let go of the burden you've been carrying for so long.

It's time to, at last!!!, express Who You Really Are.

Learn to let go of the dictatorship of your mind, raise your vibration and connect with the High Spheres of Light.  

A new world opens in front of your eyes, one where the Light that inhabits you expands and reaches the hearts of people.

Do you want to vibrate high and expand your Light?

You were not born to suffer, you were born to SHINE.

. (although it sometimes seems otherwise)

I had to live through hell to remember that I Am Light.

From my childhood, I had to live through more than 30 years of trauma, abuse and suffering. 

When in 2010 I broke down, my angels of Light came to my rescue and showed me the path that was going to leave decades of suffering behind and elevate me to the Higher Planes of Consciousness. 

It was a long and painful process, with moments filled with darkness, but it was what my soul was meant to experience, because:

How can you know that you are Light, if you have not experienced darkness before?

Everything that has happened to you has led you to where you are today, so that by your example you can help other people.

Expand the LIGHT, my mission.

I am Sandra Guerrero, Messenger of Light 🦋✨

It is my mission to help men and women to free themselves from their suffering, so that they can rise in Consciousness and connect with their Guides, and thus live their Infinite Potential.

I lived through more than 30 years of loss and trauma that brought me to the edge of the abyss. When I felt broken, the Forces of Light came to my rescue and showed me not only the way to leave behind decades of suffering, but also that they were going to elevate me to the Higher Planes of Consciousness.

Today I am joined by my Guides, The Guardians of Light and The Forces of Light, who are calling you too now to join this movement!!!

It is time to join the movement of Warriors of Light, formed by men and women who decide to leave behind the suffering of their past and expand the LIGHT.

Do you want to shine and expand the LIGHT?


Manifesto of the Warriors of Light


We honor our ancestors

We integrate the trauma of the past

We rise in Consciousness

We live in a state of Presence

We trust in Divine Help

We receive the Messages of Light

We expand true Love

We are ONE with Oneness

This is how I can help you to expand your LIGHT

Rise in Consciousness



I help you to free yourself from past conditioning, find your life mission and reach higher states of Consciousness, you can do it.

Receive the Messages of Light



I teach you how to connect with your Guides and already split beings, develop your psychic abilities and become a Channel of Light.


Manifesting your Infinite Potential



Once you're already vibrating high, the next step is to manifest your full potential on all levels: personal, professional and spiritual.

What do my customers say about me?

Susana Delgado

Throughout my life I have been searching for how to find myself, the inner need over the years became greater, but when I seemed to be on the way I …..ended up even more lost. Recently life gave me the opportunity to participate in one of Sandra's events and it ….resonated with me so much that I asked for her help and started with her. I can't thank her enough, not only is she what I had asked the universe for, a guide, but for me she is an angel. Her way of working is enchanting. She helps you and makes you discover the wonderful being that you are, in such a simple way. ….

The change is radical from the first session! She once told me that I was a medium, and even though I knew my own abilities, that was a bit much for me. Until recently, with his magic and essence, he guided me in such a subtle way…that when I wanted to be conscious…I had been in contact with my spiritual guide, my father! And from now on I know that whenever I want I can access! The experience is indescribable. Sandra is a being of light as few are usually seen, she not only shines, but she spreads her brightness just by listening and looking at her. Humble, simple, sweet, loving…. and above all transparent. Thanks to her I now know what my purpose in life is, the being I am and the one I am going to become!

Leticia Expósito

After several processes and years of searching, I found you! Your light touched my soul and I felt it as a call. And I was not wrong at all!!! 

You have achieved the transformation I so longed for and had tried so hard for!!!! You have made me transmute my own pain, guiding me and helping me to become aware of the BEING OF LIGHT that I really am!!!

Thanks to you, I have understood my processes, the reason for my experiences and I have discovered capacities that I did not know I had and most importantly I have known what my purpose in life is. And you have done it all in a simple way, with respect, understanding and much affection.

Without a doubt you illuminate the souls on your way!!!
Infinite thanks, you have re-signified my life!!!!

Yoselín Calderón


Sandra does this work with so much love, that she is able to transmit that high vibration to your whole Being.

A thousand thanks my Sandra, our Sandra, because I am sure that all of us who contacted you are super grateful, I am in total gratitude to you, how good that I attracted you and accepted you in my life, especially at a time when I felt so lost and aimless, wanting to do so much and going around in circles I did nothing of what I wanted, and each time I got more entangled, but each session has been spectacular and a real learning experience.

I can say with all responsibility and sincerity that the change has been radical in all aspects of my life, especially in my Being. It has made me coaching to vibrate high, to connect with abundance and prosperity, and all always from the Self, ah!!!! and wow!!!! You have led me to be a medium! It is a wonderful path you are teaching me so much, it has been fabulous.

In total gratitude to you Sandra, a big hug.

Ana Rosa Calvante

Thanks to you Sandra, I discovered that everything has a solution, if you know where to look, and from what perspective and level of consciousness do you look for the solution?…well, easy, in ourselves. Well… and best of all, with you I have learned that the human mind can be stopped, thanks to breathing and mindfulness techniques. You have also taught me to recognize the power of love light that I possess, which is unlimited. You have taught me how to heal and integrate my ailments, to recognize when I go into autopilot, which is super important for me, because that is what makes me go into a loop and prevents me from moving forward, without a doubt it is the best experience I have had in years, and it is wonderful! 

You have taught me to use my gifts, even to recognize that I have them. It is such a great and wonderful experience, I am always left wanting more! I wish everyone could come to you to know their inner treasures.

Ah!!!…and fear hahaha….. my faithful friend and companion. He used to hold me back, now I invite him to join me to experiment with him. For me the best experience I've had in my life, so far. It is the same as having sons…. but this time the daughter was myself. ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE. I LOVE YOU. WITH YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND WE ARE WARRIORS OF LIGHT..

Gracia Vadell

Sandra, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful and unimaginable experience that you made me live a few days ago. I was able to play the role of MEDIUM myself, and to connect with my grandparents. To feel on another plane, being able to receive their messages directly. Now I know what they wanted to transmit to me. Thank you for making our dreams come true, teaching us that everything is within us. Receiving the help of professionals like you, is what makes our lives change, filling them with LIGHT and LOVE. Thank you


Ani Quero

If you ask me who or what is Sandra? My answer is that she is alchemy. She has been my guide for the realization of the change I needed to find the essential part in me that makes me shine like gold, my indestructible part, my soul… I have always resonated that life brings you what you need at the right time, so when I saw that I needed help because my emotions overwhelmed me and plunged me into despair, she appeared, as if by magic, because she is magic.

I was looking for a tool that would help me to get out of my hole, but who: a psychologist, psychotherapy, a clue…. When I saw her, there was no doubt, my intuition told me that she would be the person who could help me in this internal conflict that was occupying my chest in such a deep way. And without a doubt my instinct was right. Now I feel at peace.  Sandra, thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Bego Bernao

My work with Sandra has been one of the most profound and enriching things I have ever done in my life, because thanks to her I have been able to change my perception of myself and realize all the power and strength that was sleeping inside of me. It has awakened in me a light and a strength that I will never let it go out because now I am aware of all that I have to offer. I feel better than ever despite the uncertainty that surrounds us. Thank you Sandra now and always.

Yara Ballestero

Sandra is a being of light. It is in her blood to not only shine but to bring out your full potential so that you can too. She has a lot of life experience and has taught me part of who I am now. Thank you so much.

Claudia González

Working with Sandra has been a total transformation, there has been a before and after in both my personal life and my business. From the first moment she gave me the clarity I needed, she connected me with my purpose and showed me the necessary steps to reach my goals, which I have achieved. My transformation has been brutal, Sandra is all light and knows how to guide you both personally and professionally. I recommend her 100%!

Ainhoa Villanueva

Sandra has been my Mentor for 6 months and I really feel a deep gratitude for everything I have been able to learn and experience with her. Her knowledge, her life experience, her talent, and her disposition, make her pure evidence that you can achieve successful businesses with Alma with a good strategy that works and with coherence with your values and principles. I am grateful and satisfied with the economic results I have obtained thanks to the sale of my services with Love. Without a doubt, working the sales mentality as Sandra does is infallible. If you work your business from the Soul, you cannot fail. Thank you Sandra for so much.

Silvy Quevedo


I hired Sandra to create my digital business both for her professionalism and her approachability. The holistic approach of her mentoring has helped me bring my project to life from the ground up. Sandra has taken me by the hand through the entire process of creating my digital business, from connecting with my purpose, overcoming the typical obstacles of entrepreneurship, developing the business strategy and helping me create a brand that connects with my audience. I recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to create a business from scratch because she will be by your side at all times.


Vanesa Ramos

I met Sandra a few months ago and we quickly connected. When I had to look for a professional to help me grow my business, I didn't hesitate to talk to her. She is approachable, direct and has a lot of background behind her, which makes her perfect for those of us who find ourselves a bit lost in certain issues. Sandra has helped me to reposition my company, counting on her to grow has been a success. Without a doubt, I recommend her 100%.

I already live my IKIGAI. ..And you


Ikigai is a Japanese word that means to be able to turn your passion, mission and vocation into a profession.

This is something that I had a hard time finding, because for years I felt torn between my more spiritual side and my more business side.

Until I realized that the way forward was to integrate my two strengths: my business, marketing and sales skills, with my psychic skills of channeling, mediumship and Spiritual Alchemy.


Because many times the path is not one of choosing, as we have been led to believe, but one of integrating our gifts, passions and talents.

IKIGAI Sandra Guerrero

These are my credentials in the spiritual world

Channeler & Medium

I can communicate with any form of Consciousness, as long as it is for the greater good of the Whole, including the unconscious of people, deceased beings and entities of the Higher Dimensions of Light.


Spiritual Alchemist

I have the gift of transforming any expression of darkness into light, provided that this is for the greater good of the Whole and has the permission and cooperation of the person concerned.

Intuitive and Energetic Therapist

I can release physical and emotional pain in less than an hour with the power of voice and by energetic transfer, always guided by my guides, the Keepers of the Light, and other Masters of Light.

Akashic Records Reader

While I usually use my psychic abilities to communicate with other planes of Consciousness, reading the Akashic Records brings me a very enriching perspective.

…and these are my credentials in the business world.

University Lecturer

In addition to being a trainer in prestigious companies and institutions, such as Barcelona Activa training, I have also been a teacher of the Master in Digital Marketing at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Business Strategist

I have extensive skills and experience in creating and expanding businesses, especially expert and digital businesses. I specialize in the creation and promotion of businesses with soul.

Marketing & Sales Mentor

One of the reasons why many soulful businesses fail is because they don't know how to promote and sell. I have extensive experience and training in the world of online marketing and high-value sales

Writer and Author

One of my passions is writing. I am the author of the ebook “Dinero Sin Empleo” (Money without a job) for entrepreneurs and the university teaching manual “Marketing in Social Media”, published by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

7 secrets of my most human side ♡


1. I am Heidi at heart

I love the mountains, the pine trees and the snow tremendously… it's one of the reasons I live in Munich, Germany, because the Alps are less than an hour's drive away.

2. I love my labrador, Reiy

He is much more than a dog, he is my Guardian of Light and protects me energetically. He is also my spoiled child, who loves to eat bread and play with the ball.

3. I embrace the trees

Before I ask their permission, because for me they are very special beings. Besides helping me to clean my energy, they speak to me with affection and give me wonderful advice.

4. I cry with Kundalini Yoga

I'm almost embarrassed to do it in a group class, because it's not like I get a tear in my eye, no, I drop the whole carafe. Nevermind, I finish the class refreshed.

5. I am vegan out of compassion

I was worse than a lion in my diet until I saw the documentary Earthlings in 2014. Since then I eat no meat at all and today I am vegan for the love of animals.

6. I collect oracle cards

I have from angel cards, to Moon cards, Tarot of Marseille, energy cards… and many more! Doing card readings is one of my favorite hobbies. 

7. I am a woman of action

Ask me for something and it will be done before you finish saying the sentence. I am highly entrepreneurial, passionate about conscious productivity and high performance.

You have seen me on


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